These guidelines apply to all forms of content including articles, social media posts, newsletters, and any other media published by NEARWEEK AG.

What NEARWEEK Can Communicate About:

Project and Initiative Promotion: NEARWEEK is committed to supporting the growth and development of the NEAR and open web ecosystem. We will actively promote projects and initiatives that contribute positively to this ecosystem, highlighting their goals, achievements, and upcoming events or developments.

Educational Content: Education is a cornerstone of our mission. NEARWEEK will curate and publish educational content aimed at informing our audience about various aspects of the NEAR ecosystem and the broader open web landscape. This includes general content on blockchain technology, detailed insights into token launches, airdrop releases, and other relevant topics, commissioned by third-party content creators to ensure a diverse and comprehensive educational offering.

What NEARWEEK Cannot Communicate About:

Price Discussions: NEARWEEK will refrain from publishing content that specifically discusses the price of NEAR or any other cryptocurrencies or tokens. This includes predictions, analyses, or any content that could be interpreted as attempting to influence market prices.

Financial Advice: Consistent with our disclaimer, NEARWEEK will not provide financial suggestions or recommendations. Our content is intended for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. This includes avoiding recommendations on buying, selling, or holding specific cryptocurrencies or tokens.

Things to keep in mind:

All content must be reviewed for compliance with these guidelines before publication. Contributors and third-party content creators must be informed of and agree to adhere to these guidelines. Any content that could potentially conflict with these guidelines should be flagged for review by the editorial team.

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