The purpose of NEARWEEK is to facilitate curation of quality content, people & projects in order to make it 10x easier for you to succeed as a participant in the NEAR ecosystem.


Purpose over everything We are not assholes. We don't work with assholes. We treat everyone with respect. If something does not work we are straight about it, embrace it, shut it down and move on to the next high quality impact activity. Trial and error is a key process in everything we do.

Quality via curation We must always ensure that quality is the silver lining in everything we do. Instead of producing quality ourselves, we curate existing resources whenever possible, and we use DAO tools to keep iterating our curation process.

Impact beats perfection We believe the perfect does not exist, by ensuring quality we at any given time weigh the pros / cons of the quality impact of "launching" now versus pursuing the perfect state that does not exist. We should always be pragmatic.

No prejudice and openness

Put your honest thoughts on the table. Your input is invaluable to the progress and everyday of NEARWEEK. All questions and inputs are welcome and we encourage you to speak up when you have questions, are blocked, need help, have something at heart or are going through tough times. Know that we’re here to support and help you to succeed.

Embrace learning from mistakes

We want a culture where mistakes and disagreements are brought to the surface. Mistakes happen all the time, if we’re not making mistakes we’re doing something wrong. As a team we shall always look to make the most of our mistakes: they’re opportunities to learn and improve. Mistakes should always be brought to the surface so that root problems can be identified, and we can help each other best possible. Together we will design better ways of working, this is an iterative process.

Stewarding autonomy and ownership

As a contributor you have the flexibility to plan your work as you like as long as your objectives are achieved. We require you to participate in a weekly 1-hour session and a daily sync call, that’s it. Our goals and objectives are run via an open process on GitHub helping everyone to stay aligned and know who owns which objectives.

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