Our curation team consists of experienced contributors, who have proven themself to have a good sense for what is occurring in the NEAR ecosystem. Everyday, NEARWEEK curators vote on each news proposal until they all reach a 50% majority decision. If a proposal is approved, the individual submitting the news is rewarded with 0.5 $NEAR. Approved proposals are sent to a Notion document: (9+) [N81] NEARWEEK News Collect Sheet | NW 81 (, where category labelling is added. After this, the news lands at the table of the NEARWEEK content team for final review. They make sure it’s not spam, part of a scam, or from outside the NEAR ecosystem.

If ''bad'' news consistently gets upvoted, and a member of the board acts maliciously, then their voting right and place in the board will be slashed. It is important to note that you can’t vote on your own proposals. Some of our curators are also contributors, however we don’t require it.

At the end of the week, the NEARWEEK content team will use the approved news input for the weekly newsletter, which is then distributed throughout NEARWEEK’s channels. How many of the approved proposals appear in the newsletter, is what determines how much we pay our curators.

x1 news in our newsletter = 1 $NEAR to the curators

Each newsletter, we state the number proposals that are used in the making of our publication, and the curators then propose their payment on AstroDAO—with only NEARWEEK.near on the board.

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