Content is only as good as the platform it is built upon. This is why NEARWEEK has focused on building infrastructure since its beginning. For the time being, NEARWEEK has five distribution outlets:

  1.; the place to find all the most recent ecosystem news, read and learn from our editorial articles, listen to an uploaded library of podcasts and twitter spaces, and shop from our own ecosystem merch store.

2. Newsletter; our weekly newsletter sent directly to the inbox of all subscribers

3. Telegram; a channel which displays submissions submitted via our Twitter bot 4. Twitter, news is published live via NEARWEEK BOT & selected news via NEARWEEK main twitter account

5. The NEARWEEK widget; this widget can be implemented on any website and will show the approved news as they get approved by our DAO

With these four different channels, we seek to make it as easy as possible to get yourself up-to-date with all that is happening in the NEAR ecosystem. Want to find out about our tools and services made for the NEAR community? Read on, fren!

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