What kind of news are we looking for at NEARWEEK?
NEARWEEK is constantly on the lookout for breaking news surrounding NEAR Protocol and the Aurora Network. Having said that, not every news submission we receive is equally interesting or relevant to our purpose. So, in order to prevent contributors from submitting news that won't end up being approved by the DAO, NEARWEEK has created an overview to give an idea of the type of proposals we approve.
Here are the guidelines for accepted news submissions:
  • Partnerships with established projects
  • NFT Partnerships for the recognised projects
  • Coin listings for projects on NEAR & Aurora
  • NFT releases from recognised projects
  • NEAR Foundation updates
  • Governance Working Group updates
  • Updates from established projects
  • External projects coming to NEAR
  • Startups announcing their first release
  • New staking pools
  • Twitter spaces or AMA’s taking place or a link to the recordings
  • Projects updates in form of announcements
  • Airdrops
  • Weekly, monthly & quarterly updates (Aurora, Ref, Paras)
  • Roadmap releases
  • NEAR projects launching on Aurora
  • Tutorials
On the flip side, below is a description of news submissions that will not be approved:
  • Direct Duplicates: Identical submitted news originating from the same source
  • Indirect Duplicates: Identical submitted news originating from a seperate source
  • Outdated announcements: Our news cycle spans from Monday to Sunday UTC time; we only want news originating from the current news cycle we find ourselves in
  • Unrelated announcements: News that doesn't pertain to NEAR Protocol or its expanding ecosystem of associated networks, such as Aurora and Octopus Network
  • Shilling Posts: Devoid of any actual substantial news
With that being stated, NEARWEEK would rather approve a proposal too many, rather than missing out on what's going on in the ecosystem. Coverage is ultimately our number one priority! We hope this has given a better overview of what NEARWEEK is looking for in our DAO, and helped make the process of news collection more transparent.
Thank you for contributing to our DAO, we wouldn’t be here without you.
Are you curious how news is chosen at NEARWEEK? Maybe you have what it takes to become a NEARWEEK curator! Let the journey continue fren :)